Understanding the Selling Process

New On line Sales Training Courses with 6 workshop modules starting on the 23rd /April 2021 to the 28th of May 2021

This series of workshops is for anyone going into sales,starting a new business.For anyone already in sales,and is a refresher for sole traders business owners ,or for any organization that manage a sales team.


6 x 1 Day Workshop Modules (Each workshop is from 9.30am to 10.30pm)

Workshop 1

"Who is doing the selling?"

On this 1 day workshop you understand that not only the sales person you have employed is responsible for sales its the whole team.

We will also be looking at "The 5 basic steps of a sale" and confidence levels required to delivery them,and how everyone in your organization can use them on a daily basis.

Workshop 2 

"Selling Techniques"

In this process we will discuss 7 different selling techniques and you will find what best techique that suits you and your organization at this time.Keep it simple and why its is so important to do so.

Workshop 3 

"Knowing where to fish for new customers"

In this workshop we will look at where it is that you are looking for new customers and why?

Understand the 80/20 Rule and how to start using it imediately to find new business.

Workshop 4

"Learn to listen and stop talking !!

In this workshop you will learn during the process of a sale when to stop talking and when to listen.

You will also learn how to look out for buying signals,and when to close the sale. 

Workshop 5

"Asking for the order"

In this workshop we will look at the blocks that prevent you asking for the order.We also look at how not to give away too much margin,and feel comfortable with that.

Workshop 6

"After Care for your customer"

In this workshop we create a template of ways you can look after your customer 110 % so they will stay loyal to you and become your best ambassador.


By the end of this series of workshops,you should have a better understanding and be more equipped with the selling process, feel more comfortable closing sales without having to dilute you or your products value.Be more confident when prospecting and looking for new customers and have upgraded your own attitude to selling and your selling skills



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